Tucson Chiropractor Says Read This Before Taking That Headache Pill

Many people suffer with headaches, and there are many types of headaches.  Lots of times, their doctor throws one pill after another at them until they find one that helps.  Why be a guinea pig like that?  Some of these medications can be damaging to your internal organs.   Lots of headaches can be traced back to problems in the upper neck, especially headaches which start in the back of the head.  The top nerves in the neck have branches that travel up the back of the head.  Pressure on these nerves due to misalignment of the upper neck causes irritation which works up the back of the head.  

Chiropractic has been very effective in helping people with headaches, and our gentle adjusting instrument is especially effective in realigning the upper two bones in the neck.  It is great for patients who are frightened of having their neck manipulated with a manual adjustment.  After adjusting one of the local reporters on camera, she states on camera that her headache dropped over 50% in 15 minutes.  

If you or someone you know suffers with headaches, please call our office.  We are a Tucson Chiropractor who loves to help headache sufferers.