Whiplash Relief in Tucson

Have you been injured in an auto collision?  Did your doctor give you pain medication and muscle relaxers, and tell you "You'll be sore for a few weeks"?  Soft tissue doesn't heal, it repairs itself.  This occurs with the trigger points and muscle knots in place.  When it repairs itself, it doesn't function as it should, and this leads to early degeneration of joints.  If these injuries heal on their own, why do athletes making millions of dollars go through extensive surgery and rehabilitation for their injuries on knees, shoulders, etc?

Studies vary in their numbers, but they show that between 50-90% of people injured in collisions have pain as long as 2 YEARS LATER.  Dr. Cross is certified in the treatment of whiplash, and your treatment will consist of chiropractic adjustments to return your skeletal bones to their original position.  This is accompanied by ultrasound or electric stim therapy, and heat/cold therapy as warranted.  Most of our whiplash patients also receive massage treatments to eliminate those trigger points and muscle knots.  We also transition the patient into rehabilitative exercises.  Along with the massage, this enables us to return the patient's body to functioning as close to its original function as possible.

Don't ignore your pain, and don't delay.  The first 30 days after your accident are crucial in recovering the function.  The longer you wait, the longer the bad patterns have to strengthen and cause chronic problems.  

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