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Auto Injury And Headaches

Pain from injuries suffered in an auto collision should not be ignored. Some studies show that over 50% of people injured in auto collisions are still having symptoms 2 years later. This even includes those who have had care for their injuries. The key to maximum recovery is receiving the proper care, not just care. Many times victims are given pain killers and muscle relaxants by their medical doctor, and told the pain will go away in a few weeks. They are often told that the soft tissue injury will need time to heal. But soft tissue does not heal, it repairs itself, and this results in improper function.

The key to proper care is not to treat the pain, but to try and restore the proper function of the body. The pain will often ease with time, but if proper function is not restored to the spine, early degeneration of the spine will occur. Headaches are often due to injury to the soft tissue of the upper neck, as well as displacement of the bones in the upper neck. Dr. Cross is the only doctor in Tucson using the Atlas Orthogonal technique, which is especially effective at restoring the upper two bones in the neck to their proper position. For more information on this technique, please visit the page on Atlas Orthogonal.

There are 3 phases of care for treatment of injuries suffered in an auto collision. During the first phase of care, the patient's pain level should be diminished fairly quickly. During the second phase, the pain level should continue to lessen as we continue to work on correction of the problem areas. The third phase involves rehabilitation, in which we are working to restore the patient to pre-accident strength and mobility.

Dr. Cross is 1 of only 4 doctors in Tucson with advanced certification in Whiplash and Spinal Trauma care from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. He offers chiropractic care, massage treatments, and rehabilitation therapies to offer the best hope for maximum recovery. If the patient doesn't return to pre-accident status, you and your attorney will have the proper documentation to seek compensation for the effect on your daily living habits. This makes his office THE PLACE TO GO IN TUCSON FOR WHIPLASH INJURY.

For more information on whiplash, please visit the Spine Research Institute of San Diego website at www.srisd.com.


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