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What Is Atlas Orthogonal

What is Atlas Orthogonal, and why should I care, you ask.  

Many people avoid chiropractic care for fear of injury to their neck.  Atlas Orthogonal is a gentle procedure to correct misalignments in the upper neck. The Atlas is the top bone in the neck. This poor little 2 ounce ring must bear the weight of the skull, which averages 10-12 pounds. There is no disc to cushion this joint, as there is in the rest of the spine. This is a critical area of the body, as the brain stem sits here. The brain stem controls many "autonomic" functions of the body, such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, etc.

We have X-rays taken to learn the patient's misalignment, and then adjust the Atlas at the exact angle needed to correct the misalignment in all three vectors in space. This adjustment is done with a percussion instrument.   Atlas Orthogonal adjusting  only needs a small force to move this bone of little weight.  SO, THERE IS NO REASON TO SUFFER WITH NECK PAIN AND/OR HEADACHES DUE TO FEAR!

Atlas Orthogonal has been featured on many popular TV shows. Here is a clip from "The Doctors" television show discussing Atlas Orthogonal.

Montel Williams has credited Atlas Orthogonal with helping him with his battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Here is a link to Mr. Williams discussing his results from Atlas Orthogonal.

Jim McMahon, retired quarterback for the Chicago Bears, credits Atlas Orthogonal with helping him with brain issues post-retirement. Here is a link to ESPN's 30 on 30 episode involving Mr. McMahon.

You can see the adjustment moving the atlas on this video.

For more information about the Atlas Orthogonal technique, you may visit

If you suffer from upper neck pain or stiffness, or chronic headaches, give us a call today!

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    Dr. Cross is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. I am 55 and have been getting chiropractic care since my early 20s for my neck and upper back. I recently discovered I have an atlas subluxation and was so happy to discover Dr. Cross. In fact he is the only Doctor in Tucson using this technique. An upper cervical Chiropractor is called an Orthogonist. He is also a holistic Chiropractor treating all areas of the body including health and wellness. So don't to Doctor Cross

    Cheryl P. Tucson, AZ

    Dr. Cross is a superb doctor. Believe it, or not, he has helped me with every health issue, including doing research and reporting things my other doctors didn't know. Dr. Cross advises on permanent fixes, such as exercises to strengthen weak muscles, health programs, vitamins, supplements, and things I should read and research on my own to expand my health knowledge. Keep up the great work, Dr. Cross.

    Margaret W.

    Dr. Cross is very knowledgeable, has an engaging personality, and empathy towards the patient.


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