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Phase 1: Relief Care

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Relief or Pain Phase of Care

On your initial visit, Dr. Cross will perform a history and examination of the area of complaint.  Our goal is to get you some relief ASAP.  Many factors play into how long it may take to complete your care, but our goal is to get your pain reduced right away.  After the examination, we will decide whether X-rays or other imaging studies are needed.  Whether they are needed, or not, we can provide some therapeutic treatment to get that pain relief started.  These may include ultrasound, heat/ice, electric stimulation, or other therapies.  

The initial phase may include frequent visits to start with, as your body may be slow to respond to treatment early on.  As you progress, we can reduce the frequency of treatment.

We will also discuss your goals.  Some patients are looking for pain relief only, others want pain relief and then to continue care to correct the initial problem, and others want to correct the problem and then have regular visits to maintain the correction.  Whatever your goals are, we want to help you achieve them!


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